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With much of the population of the world infected from coronavirus and then the delta variant of Covid-19. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom face the pandemic on a high scale. 

Food and Drug Administration – F.D.A is wishing and approaching forward for the approval of the Pfizer’s vaccine for covid-19 type delta variant “Pfizer-BioNTech’s”.

F.D.A targets the starting week of August to approve the vaccine completely as soon as possible.

President Biden told the social media and news media that he was expecting the vaccine’s approval in the fall. But looking towards this statement, F.D.A already announced the deadline to be 1st Mayor maybe sooner.

F.D.A is not looking forward to repeating last year’s mistake twice. 

F.D.A will approve the vaccine this time much faster to control the pandemic situation of the Delta Variant pandemic. The number of cases is increasing day by day with the help of Delta Variant.

Before approval, many cities, universities, and hospitals, including the San Francisco Bay area, are preparing to vaccinate people.

 Brown university school of public health’s Dean, Dr. Ashish stated, “ I have not seen any sort of urgency from the side of F.D.A.” Moreover, he said,” I do not find it awkward since the country is dealing with infections and deaths.”

Data Acquired:

Almost ninety-two million Americans of which, 58 % of the population and 70 % of the adults in the US. These numbers have acquired the vaccine – at least one shot of vaccine. But the remaining numbers are vulnerable to Delta Variant domination.

K.F.F tracking the attitudes of the public in the pandemic for a time now. It was revealed by K.F.F that 3/10 people are willing to get the shots of vaccines.

It was also informed that much of the anti-vaccination public is finding ways to make their count in the official lists.

The second most common and widely used vaccine is Moderna in the US. 1st of June is the date of the Moderna vaccine to receive approval. 

But this vaccine’s manufacturers are still in the process of submitting data. 

Another vaccine manufacturer named “Johnson & Johnson” is the third company producing the vaccine. But the date is not confirmed.

Pfizer’s vaccine will be approved in August by F.D.A. The campaigns will be underway to vaccinate the people around many countries. 

Requirement of Vaccination around the Globe:

 The Defense departments require vaccination due to regular medical tests. Moreover, the troops or military is waiting for the order of 1.3 million vaccination shots for the same number of active service members.

 San Francisco requires almost more than 44,000+ vaccination shots for the same number of employees after the approval of F.D.A.

 New York State University requires almost more than 400,000+ vaccination shots for a similar number of students in the university for protection.

Health care systems and medical equipment manufacturers also require vaccination for proper health care. Beaumont Health requires 33,000 shots for its employees.

Mass General Brigham requires almost 80,000 vaccination shots for the workers to give proper health care.

These huge numbers of industries, companies, schools, and hospitals are waiting to vaccinate their employees to continue their work.

Hospitals have been facing immense pressure since the start of the pandemic. Now, they are required to receive the vaccine for the benefit of their employees.

Approval Requirements:

F.D.A has a long list of documents comprising a thousand pages or so. Many of the medical products manufacturer community are ready for approval soon.

Dr.Peter, the top regulator of vaccines stated,” Due to F.D.A’s responsibilities and the amount it is taking. It will surely affect the public interests and trusts in the company.”

The vaccine regulators are hoping and preparing to observe the real data. This real data is related to the use of vaccines. The authorization will be of emergency use only and it will highly differ from the normal usage data.

The data consists of the effect of the vaccine on the immune system, the health of the person, and if there is the generation of another infection from the shot of the vaccine.

It has been under observation whether the members of F.D.A and different organizations are planning for a booster shot or not.

The already vaccinated people will be given booster shots but scientists are quite concerned about the usage of booster shots.

The community of Medical equipment supplier is ready to make a profit out of this situation as there is a need for much equipment around the globe.


 It is a good recommendation which points out the confusion among people regarding booster vaccines. This may allow the propaganda makers to release news regarding both vaccines.

Many Senior officials are supporting the idea of applying a booster vaccine. These vaccines will help older people and those with low immune systems.

It is expected that F.D.A may approve the shots due to emergencies all around the globe. CDCP will be showing its expertise in this matter before approval.

 But to make sure, everyone remains healthy and away from Delta Variant. Proper measures of protection must be taken seriously. 

This includes the usage of masks everywhere whether it be restaurants, hotels, saloons, offices, schools, or any other gathering. 

We have faced a lot of deaths since 2019. The start of the pandemic and no vaccination led to disaster in many countries around the globe.

Not to once again do the same mistake twice. We must follow the SOPs strictly till the situation gets better.

Proper usage of sanitizers can help humans to prevent further spreading of the Delta variant. Lockdown is for our safety while many do not take it seriously.

As the user of the Earth, we must collaborate with the companies and trust them until there is proper medication for this.

For more blogs and news regarding the vaccine of Pfizer. Stay Tuned and follow our blogs.


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