Some Common Barriers In Importing Protective Clothing During Global Pandemic

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As we all know, coronavirus is a disaster for the world. It still threatens us in various ways. Because of coronavirus, many governments and countries have taken drastic steps and quickly prepared protective clothing for the public. Primary health care providers. At that time it was the only way for the international community to get immediate protection against this virus because there was no effective vaccine at the time to manage the situation effectively, but to organize one of these protective clothing throwing is not easy for the business world. 

More production

During the Covid-19 epidemic, all protective clothing manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing were busy because they were well aware that they could not comply with their orders, so to discuss with them the price, quality and delivery at that time became a big problem for them. Due to Covid’s worst case scenario, it is difficult to comply with the law with importers because they are reluctant to comment because they are active and their rules are still in place because accepting the law in this case is for buyers in the next country. It is almost impossible. 

It is difficult to  reach an agreement

After the order is accepted, the second step is to agree with them to organize the process on time and finish it on time because that is a big deal because no one is importing or the developer is willing to deal with these limits without knowing they will do so. 

Supplier exits

During an epidemic, the main problem is when all the importers of surgical suits agree and start thinking about your policy, the local government of the importers suddenly stops working and blocks the place, so that it is a big challenge because time has already been invested.

Decline of orders

Another problem when working with suppliers is that they know they have little in common and everyone pre-orders, they organize their delivery, but that sometimes changes with the buyers raising prices and beginning to question the status of the delivery.

Production time

Another thing that starts from two sides during covid, importers and producers of protective coveralls prefer to create a high order first, which means they do not follow the FIFO rules, the second problem is n ‘because the advent of rapidity and natural scarcity leads to jobs and other factors. 

Incorrect delivery

During Covid-19 disease, we all know that importers and manufacturers are fast and heavy. Many reasons are part of the process due to unfavorable conditions, so in this case, the exchange and delivery of the product becomes an issue or give the order and pass it on to someone else.

Smaller staff and shorter working hours

High productivity and delays due to the small number of workers and reduced working hours for manufacturers and importers, on the other hand, regional planning and departments save problems a face, because a lot of things cost more for processing, so the whole process becomes more time consuming.

Delay in delivery

Delivery time is a natural thing when Covid-19 is the main cause of distraction, and in this case Covid-19 disrupts the whole universe, so the delivery time is small, but in terms of fast transfer or rapid transfer will increase but covid has the same effect on this, so that no partner can fix it.

Loss of goods

Most of the time, it happens when the order is issued, but due to natural disasters or accidents, the load sticks to the water and at different ports, and so it loses it, the space is low, but it happens at the speed of the port and the ship.

Errors in documentation 

Mistakes are important in importing documents and therefore result in a lot of time and money, if the situation is like covid, it will be a big problem if all the work needs to be done in a short time n ‘due to small staff and short working hours, is a big challenge for many importers and a big problem for importers because they are not paid well.

Changes in government policy

Since imports are a long process and government policy can change at any time, which means that commodity prices, whether by sea or in production, can fluctuate, so imports are the game is open to importers because the results may change over time. ., so it is also a big challenge for importers during covid.

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