Headache And Runny Nose Are The Symptoms Linked With Delta Variant, Study Says

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delta variant symptoms

runny nose are symptoms of delta variant

The researchers found out that Delta variant symptoms are headache, sore throat, and runny nose in the UK. These are linked with the COVID-19 infection in the UK.

According to Professor Tim Spector, a developer of Zoe COVID Symptom study, the delta variant is similar to having a terrible cold in the young generation. However, you will not feel massive illness; it can be contagious and put others’ lives’ at risk.

The researcher also suggests that people catching COVID-19 virus must take a test. The NHS also says that some of the classic symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients are loss of smell and taste, cough, and fever.

However, the Professor negated with the fact and explained that these are the least common symptoms now. People have recorded their symptoms on the application, which the data was analyzed by Zoe COVID symptom study.

Indeed, the doctors are also taking every precaution like buying protective material from protective clothing manufacturers and still they are catching the virus from the patients.

The Professor continues, “We have been looking at the top symptoms that the users were recording the application. We are experiencing a difference in the data because symptoms are no more the same.”

As per the statistics, the first Delta variant was identified in India and then 90% of COVID cases are accounted for in the UK. Among these cases, fever is the constant symptom.

Feelings Continue To Change

The hospitals are taking every measure to provide health facilities in the best possible way. They have not only arranged high-quality material from disposable protective gowns supplier but every other thing that creates a barrier in the infection’s spread.

Professor Spector worries over the finding. He continues to say that the virus is affecting people differently. People think they are feeling seasonal cold and can still go out of their homes for fun and enjoyment. However, they are carrying the contagious infection, which further affects people with whom they interact.

“The variant is causing more problems in the country and it should be stopped before it is too late”.

The Professor further clears his point that the young generation is at the risk. They may catch the infection and infect others because they may not take precautions since the symptoms are similar to the terrible cold and are mild.

Also, Spector urges taking necessary precautions and staying at home even if you feel slightest of the symptoms. Stepping out of the home is not the solution to the problem. You are the carrier and others can suffer from dangerous infection differently. Hence, get yourself tested before it is too late.

Additional Symptoms Must Not Forego

Other than this, there are some additional symptoms that show severe problems among the patients.

The doctors are wearing surgical suits, masks, and gloves so that they are not the carrier and infect other people. Similarly, people must also follow the same rule and protect themselves from the deadly virus.

The React Study proposed by Imperial College London also declared that over a million people in England have experienced additional symptoms linked to COVID-19.

Some of these symptoms reported were muscle aches, loss of appetite, headache, and chills. These are closely linked with the infection along with the classic symptoms.

Government is taking action against the spread of the disease in the country. It has announced the following necessary SOPs so that the number of cases may decline. Also, it has urged the economy to go for the test as soon as possible so that necessary healthcare facilities can be provided without a delay.

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