Controversy Including The Vice President Of USA Visit To Medical Center For Covid Test

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August 26, 2021
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September 14, 2021
Covid Test the Vice President of USA visit to Medical center Controversy including

Vice President of America “Kamala Harris” was seen visiting a routine doctor checkup appointment as Stated by White House representatives. This appointment was scheduled at Walter Reed Center According to the media, this Sunday on 18th July 2021.

The appointment was due to the meeting she had with Democratic lawmakers of Texas on Tuesday. Due to the news of 3 of those democrats testing positive this Friday night and Saturday morning at the end of The week.

Many channels and media are saying that this appointment is not related to the meeting with those Texas Democrats and anything related to it. News channels like CNN, Fox News are asking office representatives of Haris regarding the symptoms of Covid-19 or any sign of positivity in the tests. But as expected, they did not respond quickly, keeping the Media waiting for answers.

Statements of House Officials:

Last week, on Saturday, the spokesperson of Harris, Symone, told the channels that Harris was not close To the lawmakers who got positive results on Friday and Saturday. Sanders further stated. “ According to the news of positive tests of democrats, the Vice president and her

Staff in the meeting were not in direct contact with the democrats. So the risk and exposure to Covid-19 Symptoms or positivity are negligible. There is no requirement for quarantine or even testing for Covid-19.”The visit to the Walter Medical center just came directly after the tweet of Harris warning regarding the A Delta variant of the Covid virus stating, “ This Delta variant is no joke. Get yourself vaccinated.”

The Chairman “Chris Turner” stated, “ The House is following CDC guidance & protocols. This is a A reminder for us that Covid-19 is with us and after vaccinations, protection is ensured. We must take Precautions.”

Behind the story:

These Texas Democrats recently went on a private jet/flight to D.C after abandoning the session of the State legislature to prevent the voting on new reforms of voting. On Tuesday, the House of Texas passed a “motion” that has the requirement of all members to represent themselves. Also passed the motion That those not appearing can potentially be arrested and can be brought to the state. Those Democrats didn’t show up since they were in D.C at that time. Their arrest became the subject in The house where a motion was passed. Greg Abbott stated that since these democrats left the session and Didn’t attend it. The calling of special sessions will continue one after the other since the continuation of Overtime until these Democrats don’t show up to vote.

Media’s reason of response

Just imagine the Lawmakers themselves flying to state D.C with no masks on in their private planes, then Forced to vote for the bill, which they were abandoning and neglecting. Suddenly caught traces of Covid Symptoms and they met on a talk with the Vice president of America. After which the vice president Replies with no when asked to test for covid. Obviously, the media have a headline to make and spread

Chaos. Lawmakers themselves are flying without masks, with delta variant just around the corner. Moreover, hiding the truth will urge the media to throw investigations one after the other. People are currently using so many protective gears that protective coverall manufacturers are behind The supply of these coveralls.

Doctors and medical staff members are protecting themselves from covid due to the immense amount of Covid patients entering the hospitals. Moreover, the hospitals being full of covid patients, there had been special recommendations for surgical Suits manufacturers produce suits of high quality all over the country.

Many hospitals around the world are full and packed. Many patients are left clueless about where to go And are forced to wait due to no space inside the hospitals. The staff of hospitals felt left behind since there was no protection offered to them but the protective gown suppliers.

Suppliers had their backs covered by supplying these gowns of high protection.

Who is kamala harris?

Kamala D. Harris is the Vice President (currently) of the United States of America. Her lifetime efforts came into effect when she was really elected for the post of Vice President after spending her whole life in public service for the USA. 


Vice President of America, Harris was born in California. Her parents immigrated from India and also Jamaica. She acquired a degree of graduation from Howard University and also the University of  California too.


The Vice president’s sister, Maya Harris, was initially raised by their own mother, Shyamala Gopalan. 

Gopalan herself is a scientist in the field of breast cancer and has received the degree of doctor in the year when the current Vice president was born, but who knew at that time she would be a Vice president of the USA one day.


The Vice president’s parents were activists, this led to the installment of justice and voice for the ones facing injustice into her senses and mind. Her parents did their part and introduced her to role models starting from Supreme Court Justice – Thurgood and to Baker Motley the civil rights leader. These personalities inspired her to become one of such personalities.


When she was brought up, the Vice president was in the environment of communities having diversions and extended families. In the year of 2014, she married a lucky guy named Douglas Emhoff. Now they have 2 children named Ella and Cole.


Kamala Harris stated on August 19, 2020, “ At each step of my life, I got guided by the words I spoke myself in the courtroom. 


After her success over the years in the United States of America in politics and as an activist. On August 11 of 2020. Soon-to-be Vice president at that time accepted the offer of Joe Biden to become the Vice president of the USA. The woman is the first-ever woman, also the first Black American to be elected as the Vice president of the USA. 


The situation surrounding the Vice President related to Democrats spreading the virus. There are two sides of the bridge. One side is supporting and defending the Vice president not being positive and the other side claiming the positive results of the Vice President after the controversy of Texas Democrat.

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