China Suffers As US Revisits COVID Lab Theory

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China suffers because US revisits the Covid Lab Theory

China again criticized US scientists and researchers for investigating whether Chinese lab is responsible for the virus spread.

Joe Biden, US President, anticipates that an intelligence report regarding the origin of the virus will be released really soon.

However, China’s foreign ministry imposed an accusation on the US that their attempt to blame China is due to political manipulation. It has, therefore, clearly rejected any link between the virus research lab in Wuhan and COVID-19.

History Of China Lab Theory

From the early investigation, COVID-19 emerged in China in 2019 in Wuhan City. As the virus increased to spread across the country, more than 160 million cases were reported across the globe. However, the 3.5 million global death toll was recorded.

According to the Chinese officials, COVID cases increased through the seafood market in Wuhan. The scientists with protective coveralls and surgical suits in the investigation process also elucidated the theory that the virus was first detected in animals and was then passed to humans.

In addition to the news, the World Health Organization (WHO) also agreed “it is impossible that the virus has come from the Chinese lab”. Still, the investigation carried on in Wuhan to know the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

But US officials are not ready to accept the findings of the investigation. The US media suggests examining the growing evidence of the virus instead of investigating the Chinese lab to know the truth behind the accidental leak of the virus.

Reason For Current Dispute Between US And China

On Wednesday, President Biden urged for the report regarding the origin of COVID-19 which is whether it spread from animals to humans after coming in contact with them or was it an accidental leak. On receiving the report, the president has asked for the additional follow-up.

Biden ensured that intelligence has merged the two theories because of the insufficient information available in the report. It should give one result after performing the complete actions.

The president has also asked the agencies to increase their efforts in collecting and analyzing the information to achieve a definitive conclusion. They also ensured to use protective material from a protective gowns supplier to carry on the job.  

Remarks by President Biden

On Thursday, Biden again told reporters to release the report if there is something missing in the previous report.

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, stood in support with the US officials and other countries to understand how China is involved in the virus’s spread.

The step offended Chinese officials because they have declared themselves innocent.

Well, there is no such evidence for proving the virus is man made. China faces challenges concerning equal support from all over the world against China. Even Facebook has declared that it will not remove the claim from China from all of its apps unless the public health officials prove it.

The public health experts are planning to go on with the investigation so that the world can be aware of the origin of the virus. They are continuously updating the policies and facts to make sure the findings of the report are authentic and accurate.

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