Best Protective Coveralls Can Help To Prevent Omicron Spread 

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Omicron is spreading fast in many countries and also throughout Australia. In Sydney, authorities are worried about a potential super spreader event when five people in a boat party tested positive for COVID-19 with two of the five people positive for Omicron. Many of the country’s authorities are worried about the alarming jump in numbers. This virus is proving to be more transmissible than the old Delta variant although none of the people who have contracted Omicron needed hospitalization just yet.

PPE or best protective coveralls have been effective greatly in reducing the risk of COVID-19 in the community. Mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and hygiene protocols were recommended by the Department of Health at the height of the deadly strain of Delta. State authorities are again going to make mask-wearing and social distancing compulsory of the settings as many countries are struggling to contain the highly transmissible Omicron virus.

Omicron can disturb your business

Many country’s businesses cannot afford another national lockdown. But as the Omicron virus continues to spread greatly, many of the state governments may decide to reinstate lockdowns as a last measure to stop the infection. Some State governments have already closed their borders to omicron spread countries. 

Currently, in some countries like Australia, any person who is a close kind of contact or casual contact has gone to quarantine and gets tested. Depending on their contact nature, people have to go to quarantine at least until their first test is negative or up to seven days if they have been in close contact. Casual and close contacts may also be required to undergo up to 3 tests during two weeks. This goes to be extremely disrupting for a business if the staff has gone to stop work and quarantine at the home or take time out to attend the compulsory testing.

The best PPE to protect Omicron 

This risk minimization best way is to introduce the right kind of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by the medical equipment manufacturers to prevent Omicron from spreading in the workplace.

Face masks have proven to be one of the effective measures to stop the spread of COVID in the workplace. Below is a PPE list that can help to keep your staff safe and your business open:

Face mask

  • 4-layer of Cotton Masks
  • 3-layer of sublimated Cotton Masks
  • 2-layer of sublimated Cotton Masks

Surgical mask

  • The premium bagged surgical masks (Level 3 3-ply)
  • 3-ply sublimated surgical masks
  • 2-ply sublimated surgical masks
  • 3-ply printed mask

KN95 mask and N95 mask

Protective clear mask

  • Protective clear mask

Children masks

  • For kids, premium bagged surgical masks (Level 3 3-ply)
  • 3-ply surgical masks
  • 3-ply cotton masks
  • 2-ply sublimated cotton masks

Face shield

  • The disposable face shields

Protective Clothing

  • Full protective clothing


What type of face mask is comfortable and best suits your organization depends on the type of industry where you work and the physical type of workplace setting. Surgical suits related to protective suits can help your staff to give your maximum protection at work if their temperature is low.


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